Mateusz Pałka Trio

Mateusz Pałka Trio, from Jazz Juniors Festiwal to Emme Record. #news

Mateusz Pałka and his Trio will be the first polish musicians to record an Album with the Emme Record Label. The band is been chosen among the 6 finalists of Jazz Juniors Festiwal 2016 in Krakow. In 2017 we’ll release their debut Album and we are sure that the Partnership with the Polish Festival will continue for a long time!!!

Next step in 2017 will be to spread Mateusz Pałka Trio project through a capillary digital distribution and a physical distribution. A press office will provide a meticulous communications work, while Emme Management & Booking Agency will promote the distribution of the artistic project  among the Clubs, the Theatres and the Europe Festivals.

Courtesy of Kasia Kukielka.