Filippo Cosentino is one of the most appreciated italian guitar players.
Graduate cum laude at Conservatorio G.B.Martini in Bologna under the supervision of M° Tomaso Lama.
He performed on tour and in studio with many famous italian and foreign artists: pop, with Paola Turci, Francesco Tricarico, Mauro Ermanno Giovanardi, Alan BonnerLuca Mercurio, Paolo Toso; blues, with James Thompson, Marco Pandolfi, Nick Beccattini, Giorgio Cavalli; jazz: Javier Girotto, Tom Kirkpatrick, Barend Middelhoff, Don Stapleson, Craig Silberschlag, Michael Rosen, Fabrizio Bosso, Davide Beatino.
He also worked for theatre (with the italian actor Andrea Giordana) and cinema: in 2010 he composed the soundtrack of the short movie Praise to loneliness (RaiCinema) directed by Emanuele Caruso. The movie has been selected for the 63° Festival de Cannes and for Trento Film Festival and in 2012 he composed also the soundtrack of the documentary “Meno 100 chili”, an important now in the cinemas, praised at Festival International du Film d’Environment in Paris.
Guitar player appreciated for his versatility, he is often invited to important italian and international festivals: Bologna Jazz Festival, Alba Music Festival, Suoni dalle Colline di Langhe e Roero,Moncalieri Jazz, Acoustic Guitar International Meeting, Fara Music Festival, JAZZIT Fest. 
Finalist in the 13rd edition of the International Prize Massimo Urbani. In 2003 he won the national contest of italian review “Chitarre”. He is the artistic director of the “Premio Targa Milleunanota”, a contest for young bands, and of del Festival Cantautori d’Italia for italian songwriters where he has the possibility to play with some of the most important artists of pop scene like Paola Turci, Francesco Tricarico, Mauro Ermanno Giovanardi, Deborah Bontempi (voice of Datura) and others.
In 2011 “Lanes”, Filippo Cosentino’s first soloist cd was published; the italian world-known trumpet player Fabrizio Bosso and Davide Beatino, Samuele Bersani’s bass player are guests.
The new last album, 2014, called Human Being with Filippo Cosentino Trio and a special guest: Michael Rosen. Human Being will be published for EmmeProduzioniMusicali/Enrico Moccia’s management.