Zadeno Trio was born in the summer of 2014 at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague in the Netherlands. Formed entirely by italian musicians, the trio , under the guidance of the young and talented napolitan saxophonist Claudio Jr De Rosa, wants to explore the jazz language from the tradition to the present.

The interplay between Alessio Bruno on double bass and Jacopo Zanette on the drums enriches and completes the arrangements and compositions by De Rosa. The playing of the trio is inspired by world famous artists such as Joe Henderson, Sonny Rollins,Mark Turner and Chris Potter, with the aim of creating an intense and peculiar sound.

Coming from different professional backgrounds, the band is receiving lots of appreciation and reviews in Italy and the whole Europe. Starting from the summer of 2014 the trio has performed in important festivals such as “Fara Music Festival” in Rome and “Jazz by the pool” in Montegrotto Terme winning the prize “Terme Preistoriche” that includes a Tour in summer 2015.

In May 2015 the trio has participated to the prestigious finals of the Bucharest international jazz competition, a competition that involved just 10 band from all over the world. In July 2015 the Trio participates to the “Tuscia in jazz European jazz competition” obtaining the 2nd place and Claudio De Rosa receiving the prize for BEST SOLOIST.

In August 2015 the Trio took part at the prestigious “Barga Jazz Contest” obtaining the WINNER prize. The three musicians are working right now on the new repertoire to record their first CD release and to tour in the whole Europe.


Jacopo Zanette .dr
Claudio Jr De Rosa .ts
Alessio Bruno .db

Thanks to,

Jacopo: E.Moccia, F. Lupi and the people at Emme Record Label and Fara Music Festival,
P.Burato, A.Lazzarotto, P.Terlizzi, R.B.To oletto , M.Uzunovski.
Jacopo. Thanks to Mom, Dad, my brother Alberto,
for the love given to me everyday; Serena for every
moment we spend together; Claudio and Alessio for this
beautiful project and friendship; the people at KC
and especially E.Ineke for the inspiration in these
past 2 years; the mentors in my career (Oscar, Erich,
Klemens,Karen,Stefan); my friends and fellow musicians
for keeping this Music alive everyday.

Claudio:  Thanks to my Mom, my brother Mario, my Dad
and all my family for the endless love.
Thanks to Alessio and Jacopo for everything we did and
will do together. Thanks to Angelica and Alfredo for
introducing me to Music. Thanks to Antonio S. and John,
all the KC of Den Haag, S.Paul Society, Vivienne, AdB,
Chiara and all the musicians that keep inspiring me day
after day.

Alessio:  Thanks to Claudio and Jacopo for everything
we share, S.Lievestro, M.Beets for the inspiration,
S.J.Ceccarelli, F.De Palma, my family and all my
friends for supporting me.

Tracks # 1,2,4,6,7,8 written by C.J. De Rosa
Track  # 3 written by J. Shaw
Track  # 5 written by J. Zanette

Recorded & Mixed at Tube Recording Studio from Francesco Lupi
Mastered at Tube Recording Studio from Mauro Laficara

Photographers: A.Lazzarotto, P.Terlizzi, R.Biason To oletto