Two guys from Poland and one from South America. They met in Rotterdam and formed Quantum Trio – an unconventional ensemble established in 2012.
Constantly moving between Rotterdam and Gdańsk (PL), they are creating high energy music particles.
Red Fog is their third studio album inspired by the deep states of the unconcious mind, the dreams and the human’s symbolic nature.

Quantum Trio:
Michał Jan Ciesielski – tenor & alto saxophones
Kamil Zawiślak – grand piano
Luis Mora Matus – drums

Recorded at Tube Recording Studio, Italy
Recorded by Francesco Lupi
Mixed by M.J. Ciesielski & K. Zawiślak
Mastered by Magdalena Piotrowska / Hear Candy Mastering
red fog

Interference (Official Music Video)

Red Fog Interference